Mary-Rachael (Warne) Weaver 

Trees, Trees, Trees...growing up in Pennsylvania, (literal meaning-Penn's Woods) trees are a prominent part of any vista. But for a gal growing up on a farm, and whose Dad is an avid planter of trees, groves of trees (or Arbors) were abundant. Often the trees equated to my brothers and I having more leaves to rake-up, walnuts to pick-up, or obstacles to mow around; and don't even get me started on the Christmas tree grove.  Having recently returned to the farm, after 30 years of living the military life away with my Army husband, I have a new appreciation for the hundreds of trees surrounding my family home and for what they truly represent. The strength and beauty they emanate, the shelter and protection they provide, and, most importantly for me, how perfectly symbolic they are of my Heavenly Father's love. And although my Dad planted many a tree (as well as an entrepreneurial spirit in me), all credit must go to my Mom for planting and rooting me in a solid Christian upbringing; which continues to strengthen and grow up and out.


Vision- The Great Commission. I can tell you about many a time in the past 30+ years of how God's Love has given me strength, protected me, and blessed my family. It is out of my love for Jesus and my awe and gratitude for my Heavenly Father that I wish, if only in a small way, to help others come to know the greatness of God's Love. 

Matthew 28:19~ "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..." 

Mission- To nurture and support our customers' spiritual growth in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ by carefully cultivating a collection of Christian oriented products which can meet a wide range of needs wherever our customers may be on their journey of Faith through a creative and engaging shopping experience.

Romans 10:17~ "Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message and the message is heard through the word about Christ."